February 20, 2004

DriveCam Videos

The "no seat belt" driver video thing that's making its way around the web (but seems to have been shut down, prolly because of bandwidth issues) is, I believe, from DriveCam, a very cool little San Diego company that built an amazing business with like a dozen employees. Their cameras are used in fleet vehicles all over the country now. Insurance companies love 'em, as it catches not only drivers lying but also innocent drivers who otherwise might have been blamed for causing an accident.

If you go to drivecam.com they have a bunch of videos, including another sleeping pickup truck driver (dual cameras!). Classic "oh s---" look on the driver's face as he looks directly at the camera after nearly running off the road.

And the video of the bus driver losing control of the steering wheel, with the bus going straight off the road, over a berm, over the roofs of some cars in a parking lot... it's amazing. Also amazing is how cool the passenger is in the bus: falls to floor, gets up, and gets the hell off the bus as fast as he can...


Note: might require Explorer on Windows. Runs in some weird proprietary javascript window thingie. Posted by brian at February 20, 2004 09:42 PM


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