February 18, 2004


So THAT's what Josh and Co. have been up to... an "anti-spam router".... Josh's "Placeholder, Inc." turns out to be TurnTide, Inc..... making its debut at Demo 2004 this week. Posted by brian at February 18, 2004 12:25 AM

You're wrong. Turntide is a spin-off from ePrivacyGroup which invented the spam device. All it had to do with Josh is that he put the initial money in to create the new company. Placeholder still exists and is separate from Turntide. The new CEO is the one who brought Josh and ePrivacyGroup together.

Posted by: bob at February 22, 2004 08:34 AM

Thanks for the info!

Posted by: Brian at February 22, 2004 10:59 PM

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