February 06, 2004

Time to Stick The Fork In?

Out of curiosity I went to Dean's Blog for America website. It's interesting to browse through the massive list of XYZ for Dean sites listed along the left margin all the way down the page.

Despite the continued boosterism from the main site (it's reminding me of the dotcom days more and more --- "things are fine, and our next quarter's going to be the best yet, you'll see"), diving deep into Deaniac territory frequently reveals either abandoned websites or gloom and doom:

  • Republicans for Dean: I think the Dean campaign is close to being done . . . . handwriting on the wall . . . . Sorry to be the party pooper."

  • Libertarians for Dean: . . . It was quiet around the polling place...no crowd gathered around the perimeter, no phalanx of signs in the ground as though to change someone's mind at the last minute. There was a lone yardsign for Clark on the other side of the street. It seems like people have pretty much made up their minds, or are resigned to the inevitable. Which, unfortunately, does not bode well for Governor Dean. . .

  • Cyclists for Dean: Site hasn't been updated since last set of primaries. Top-of-fold homepage messaging is still all about Southwest Victory Express and BICYCLISTS NEEDED FOR VICTORY IN ARIZONA!. . .

  • Oklahomans for Dean: It was a tough night to be for Dean in Oklahoma Tuesday, that was certain . . . (Dean did really badly in the Oklahoma vote last Tuesday.)

  • Optimists for Dean: Looks like they packed up and split; the website is just a Blog*Spot placeholder. One can only imagine what Pessimists for Dean have done...

  • Dean Independents: Any thoughts on how the rest of the campaign will shake out? Is there enough time, money and grassroots effort and energy remaining to restore the campaign's previous strength? . . .

    Foodies for Dean: Last night we gathered to lick our wounds and celebrate democracy among friends. Some of us also licked blueberry muffins, biscotti, and lapped up a perfect macchiato coffee. . . .

  • Veterans for Dean, The Blog: (Feb 6, 2004): No Blog Today!

  • Red State Rebels: ". . . Meanwhile, Dean grassroots people have taken it upon themselves to put ads on the air in Maine and Washington. . . "

  • Deaniacs for Dean, Blog: Slogan: "Working like crazy for Howard Dean for President in 2004." Blog not updated since Feb 3rd...

  • Chabot College for Dean: Site closed.

  • DuPage for Dean: Blog not updated since Jan 25th.

  • South Carolina for Dean: Last updated January 10th... the blog entry for that date has been viewed 78 times.

Posted by brian at February 6, 2004 06:36 PM


Don't forget http://www.sd4dean.org/

Posted by: Joe at February 9, 2004 11:28 AM

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