January 09, 2004

Fast Food Frequencies

There's a story on Ananova with the headline, Burger King customers told: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper':
Police believe teenage pranksters are hacking into the wireless frequency of a US Burger King drive-through speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food.

Policeman Gerry Scherlink said the pranksters told one customer who had just placed an order: "You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead."

Which makes me wonder: has anyone setup a webcam-like site where one can tune in to the frequencies at fast-food restaurants over the web? I'm imagining a site like the ones that webcast scanner channels for police and emergency services in various cities. It'd be amusing to listen to not only the orders, (think of it as Eigenradio for fast food restaurants (Eigenburger!)), but the internal employee chatter about the customers...

(Thanks to Chris Carroll for originally mentioning the Ananova article) Posted by brian at January 9, 2004 03:05 PM


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