December 24, 2003

Great. Just What The Breed Needs.

This is precisely what happens when bad owners give a nice breed a bad name.

Look at the image that London's Sun newspaper offers its readers:

Utter propoganda. Note the happy, "smiling" Corgi photo, and the mean, menacing English Bull Terrier photo. Note how the EBT's paw prints are deliberately pointy. Notce the bloody scratch marks on the EBT chart.

As the owner of an EBT, I've found these dogs make delightful, friendly, and loyal companions --- if the dogs are fortunate enough to have a caring owner. Any breed can be a "beast" if the owner's irresponsible. For a more balanced view of English Bull Terriers, browse the Bull Terrier Club of America's website and go to your local AKC dog show and see them in person. Posted by brian at December 24, 2003 03:27 PM

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