November 19, 2003

When Brick-n-Mortar Beats Online

So yesterday marked the release of the extended edition DVD of The Two Towers. Amazon offered it for $25.99 with free shipping, but the free shipping was promised at "3 to 5 days".

Out of curiosity, I called the local Blockbuster. "We have 12 in stock," the store clerk told me. "Price is $39.99." Amazing.

Then I called the local Target. Took forever to get through, finally got an operator who said "What department?" "DVDs." "One moment." "Electronics!" "Do you have the new extended edition DVD of The Two T--" "24.99." "In stock?" "Yes." "Thanks. Bye." Click.

I wonder how many people buy through Blockbuster.

Posted by brian at November 19, 2003 11:23 AM

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