November 17, 2003

Cheap Joe's postcard

It's not all "nasty reviews" here at Brianstorms. :-)

Today we got a nice little 3x5 postcard in the mail, from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, a mail-order company my wife buys art supplies from.

Here's what their postcard said:

Living in the mountains of North Carolina its hard for us to imagine what it must be like to experience a devastating wild fire. But we want you to know how concerned we are that you might have experienced damage done by the fires that ravaged your area. If you (or someone you know) did experience a loss of art supplies (that won't be replaced by insurance) please call and talk with us. As our gift to you, we'd like to help you re-stock at no charge.
Cheap Joe and the Gang

Posted by brian at November 17, 2003 07:58 PM

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