October 23, 2003

Hate vs Trust

Scoble writes about How to Hate Microsoft. He's a Microsoft employee.

Me, I do not HATE Microsoft. But I do not TRUST Microsoft.

For me, when it comes to Microsoft, TRUST is and always has been the issue. Not hate.

Why is trust the issue? The company's track record makes it untrustworthy.

  • The company's products are not secure. Microsoft has admitted this time and time again. Yet it doesn't seem to be able to do anything about it. More viruses, exploits, holes, trojan horses, etc. are identified all the time.

  • My own experience as a user of Microsoft products led me to conclude I cannot trust the company. Too many bugs, too many holes, too much bloat, and too frequent losses of data.

  • My own experience as an independent software vendor competing for the same customers as Microsoft led me to conclude I could not trust the company. I haven't forgotten what they pulled with Blackbird.

  • The way Microsoft conducted itself in the US DOJ trials led me to conclude Microsoft was untrustworthy.

It's not about hate at all, imho. It's all about trust. Microsoft brings whole new meaning to the term "anti-trust".

One other thing: Scoble says,

Don't worry, we can take it. We want to have an operating system that's beyond reproach when it ships.

This is a big chance Microsoft is taking. We're bringing customers directly into our design process. We're giving our community members extreme power. We're giving the press an unparralleled look at how an operating system is designed and developed. Many of our executives are now reading RSS newsfeeds of blogs. I'll point at the best of the "I hate Longhorn" blogs and I'm sending the feedback I see directly to the product teams (plus, you won't believe who's reading the blogs lately).

First, Microsoft is over 25 years old. I am glad to hear it's finally "bringing customers directly into the design process." Question is, why haven't they done so before? How can you have a "design process" that doesn't involve customers?

Second, as to the comment about the "unparalleled look" at how operating systems are designed and developed, I only have one word: Linux. Posted by brian at October 23, 2003 07:41 AM


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