September 17, 2003

NOAA's Art

Gorgeous, amazing NOAA satellite photographs of Hurricane Isabel. Click anywhere on the photos below to go to the NOAA page. On their page, be sure to click on their "Click here" links to look at the high resolution versions --- if you have a large display, they're amazing to look at. Might even be next desktop wallpaper...

Here is another shot:

What's neat about this shot (when you click on the image on the right, note it's a 1280x1200 jpeg from NOAA) is that it was taken in the early morning, and you can literally see dawn's early light shining on the storm, giving it a great 3D feel. Note how the eye is as big as Lake Okeechobee, or the city of Miami.

The U.S. Navy's Naval Research Laboratory Monterey has its own weather websites with equally impressive imagery, including global imaging from multiple satellite images composited together (click anywhere below to go to the page with hi-res versions of these and other images):

Posted by brian at September 17, 2003 08:26 AM


Great shot. Echoed on my page at the top spot. Thanks for the pointer.

Posted by: Van der Leun at September 17, 2003 10:58 AM

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