September 10, 2003

The Waco Kid

Go to Howard Dean's Blog for America: The Official Howard Dean Weblog, and scroll down the very long list of links on the left. Look closely at the "Regional Sites" list.

There, you've got your Alaska for Dean, Alabama for Dean, Arizona for Dean . . . South Florida Seniors for Dean . . . Drake Bulldogs for Dean . . . lots and lots and lots of different regional communities for Dean. Texas for Dean, San Antonio for Dean, West Texas for Dean . . . great.

A big long list, but there's one site whose name stands out from the rest: Dean for Waco. Not Waco for Dean (that domain is actually still available), but Dean for Waco. Was the choice of name some brilliant scheme to intentionally stand out from the rest, or is it an unintentional Homer Simpson-style goof (at which point, when the webmaster reads this, he goes "D'oh!")? Don't know. I've contacted the site's webmaster to find out.

Update: And the reply from the webmaster is, and I quote: "Feel free to register and build out the other name. I chose it that was cause it plays with dean for America." Posted by brian at September 10, 2003 06:41 AM


I'm awarding myself the "dumbest blog post since starting the blog" award for this posting.

Posted by: brian at September 24, 2003 09:05 PM

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