July 10, 2003

Netflix Revisited

Added another installment in the ongoing series of reviews and thoughts of life-as-a-Netflix-customer over at the Nettle blog. Posted by brian at July 10, 2003 05:12 PM

sorry, brian, i don't know you, and i am not a computer-type gal. i am actually writing in response to a witty (albeit true) story about jodie rhodes (june, 2002). i just happened onto your web site today, looking for vindication, after what happened to me this year with that bitch...i'm sorry...did i say that out loud???

i will make this a brief as possible.

i am on my third novel. unpublished, though getting close. i think. anyway, i met her at a writer's conference a year ago january. sent her my query. loved it. sent her the first thirty pages. same. then the whole thing. said she wold love to be my agent. HA! she sent my ms out to two publishers in the span of a year. sent me the two kind-but-typical rejections. when months went by and i heard nothing from her, after writing emails here and there, i started to think, maybe i was only dreaming that i had an agent. maybe there is no one named jodie rhodes. was she one of the characters from my novel, and i'd mixed her up with real life???
HA, again! she was and is real, allright. she's also a freak. she told me she had sent my ms to five editors, all rejecting it, that she had sent me via snail mail (never happened) all the rejections, and that she had hit a brick wall. one editor in particular, (i will call her betty) was very interested at the conference. but when asking jodie about her, she told me that "betty" probably wasn't with the same publishing firm anyway, so it would be a waste of time. WASTE OF TIME? as it turns out, betty is alive and well at the firm where she has been for years.

oh...did i mention that i was charged nearly 100.00 for photocopying? and that she tried to get me to come to that workshop you so perfectly spoke of, as she does with all her wanna be novelists? (she very rarely chooses to work with writers who live far from san diego. coincidence?)

now, because she has supposedly "shopped" my book around, i am hard to sell. thanks a lot, jodie-toadie.

brian, you were smart not to go back to her "den of thieves." trust me.

perhaps one day she and i will meet again, and i can smile and say, "so glad you dropped me...now i'm on the best-seller's list...i owe you one!"

i don't know you, as i said, but thanks for letting me vent. i had to know that i wasn't alone in my angst. though mine is much more recent than yours.

thanks for the therapy session! hope you're still writing!
leslie : )

Posted by: leslie at July 11, 2003 03:03 PM

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