March 01, 2003


Creative captions for the website images.

Not Funny At All
A fascinating account of the recent World Economic Forum in Davis, Switzerland. Turn off NABCBS and CNN and Fox for a moment and read and get a different perspective from Laurie Garrett who was there and recorded her observations.

Books, Music ... Domains?
According to a WSJ story by Nick Wingfield, "has quietly received the go-ahead to begin selling Internet addresses" -- it is now a domain-name registrar.

At the ICANN website's list of accredited registrars, I noticed Amazon is listed as "Amazon Registrar, Inc." and has a URL listed as but that doesn't seem to work yet.

I wonder if this is why has held off on suitors (companies have been trying to acquire RCOM for a while now): they're waiting for to buy them... just a theory! Posted by brian at March 1, 2003 03:48 AM


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