February 19, 2003

Call the Guards; MySimon of Books

Doesn't anyone find it a little weird that Michael Robertson's Desktop Linux Summit, scheduled for Feb 20 and 21, is scheduled to take place at MP3.com? The DLS website calls it the Vivendi Universal Building, but San Diego knows it as the MP3.com building. (Vivendi, one of the companies that sued Robertson's MP3.com back in 2000, bought the company cheap in 2001, and showed Robertson the door.)

The MySimon of Books
if you haven't seen ISBN.nu, check it out. It lets you compare prices on books from a number of popular online book stores. Here's an example page for Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

Denounce Update
Time to take on Match.com over at Denounce Newswire.

Housing Prices -- Through the Roof
According to this CNN Money report, it's been a record year for double-digit growth of housing prices. San Diego is turning into Palo Alto. Posted by brian at February 19, 2003 03:40 AM


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