October 03, 2002


Just one more comment about Scott Rosenberg's mention of my nettle blog in his Salon blog (see yesterday's entry for links): his link caused a large wave of traffic, but not just ordinary web traffic. This traffic was made up of readers. Why do I know this? Because by studying the web logs for nettle, I can see who came to the site from the Salon blog link, and then follow their progress through the nettle site. And guess what? They read every damn article on my site! They'd go to the Netflix articles, for instance, and start with Part 1, then go to Part 2, then go to Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.... amazing! Many visitors to the site read a story and move on to something else. Salon readers come and read. Excellent! Posted by brian at October 3, 2002 03:07 AM

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