May 21, 2002

FedEx idea

Recently I sent a query letter to a literary agent. The first query letter in what I thought would be a long line of query letters, each one the result of a rejection from the previous agent on the list. Much to my surprise, the first agent I wrote to LOVED my query and asked to see my book proposal. So I FedExed it yesterday and have been monitoring the status of the package as it makes its way through FedEx's tracking system. The package arrived at 09:40 this morning. That's where the tracking data ends.

Why end there, is what I say!! Think of it: FedEx could offer post-delivery tracking (TM) which would provide customers with the ability to track their package once it arrives at its destination! Find out when the recipient actually opens it. Find outwhat their reaction is, all in real time! Imagine, from the comfort of your own home, you could monitor a post-delivery tracking from your browser. It might look something like this:

     5/21/02    09:40:00am     CITY, ST      Package delivered
     5/21/02    10:07:39am     CITY, ST      Package opened by receptionist
     5/21/02    11:19:00am     CITY, ST      Receptionist hands pkg to agent
     5/21/02    11:19:47am     CITY, ST      Agent walks to office, closes door
     5/21/02    11:19:51am     CITY, ST      Agent sit down in chair, opens pkg
     5/21/02    11:19:59am     CITY, ST      Agent reads cover letter, smiles
     5/21/02    11:20:13am     CITY, ST      Agent opens presentation folder
     5/21/02    11:20:15am     CITY, ST      Agent pulls proposal out of folder
     5/21/02    11:20:16am     CITY, ST      Agent starts reading but phone rings
     5/21/02    11:25:00am     CITY, ST      Agent on phone 
     5/21/02    11:30:00am     CITY, ST      Agent on phone
     5/21/02    11:35:00am     CITY, ST      Agent on phone
     5/21/02    11:40:00am     CITY, ST      Agent still on phone
     5/21/02    11:41:50am     CITY, ST      Assistant interrupts agent on phone
     5/21/02    11:41:54am     CITY, ST      Agent back on phone
     5/21/02    11:42:02am     CITY, ST      Agent hangs up phone, resumes reading

Yes, I think this would be a very nice service. FedEx should most certainly start offering it. :-) Posted by brian at May 21, 2002 01:19 AM


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