February 01, 2002

brianstorms is launched

Jargon watch: "Perfect storm". New new economyspeak for what happens when a series of seemingly independent events all happen at the same time causing, well, unfortunate outcomes. The big buzzword at today's Waterside conference, in reference to the lousy 2001 book publishing year.

SomaFM.com's GrooveSalad: my current favorite internet radio station. The best there is. How long it'll last, who knows. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. And for hours and hours and hours of interesting music to listen to, try the "listen" link at Musical Starstreams. Many hours of 128kbps MP3 music for your listening pleasure.

A slashdot article with Larry Lessig's thoughts on copyright

What do Larry Ellison, Steve Wozniak, Andy Hertzfeld, Phillipe Kahn, and Scott McNealy have in common? They're all owed money and they haven't claimed it! The things one learns on the Internet. Did you know that the State of California wants to help its residents get money owed to them? Check out the CA Controller's Office website to learn of unclaimed money.

  • Lawrence Ellison (Woodside, CA) is owed $34.40 from Lincoln National Life insurance.
  • Steven A. Wozniak (Los Gatos, CA) is owed $5.32 from Apple Computer. Steven also is owed $64.30 from Farmer's Insurance.
  • Andy Hertzfeld (Palo Alto, CA) is owed $5.32 from Apple Computer, $612.50 from Principal Mutual Life Insurance Co, and $136.00 from Principal Life Insurance Co.
  • Scott McNealy (Mountain View, CA) is owed $259.00 from Dixie Escrow Company.
  • Phillipe R. Kahn (San Jose, CA) is owed $42.78 from PG&E.
  • Bruce Katz (San Francisco, CA) is owed $856.30 in insurance claims.
  • March Fong Eu, who's running for CA Secretary of State again this year, is owed $25 from State of Illinois, $50 from Illinois, another $50 from Illinois, yet another $50 from Illinois, and $50 from Universal Bank.
  • Apple Computer is owed a whopping $754 from the State of Florida. Suggestion to Apple: collect the money, then pay Woz and Andy.
How much are you owed? Go find out. Posted by brian at February 1, 2002 01:03 AM

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